About the book

Created from the need to have detailed information handy, this book is for others who are in search of the same information on architectural details and ornamentation in Detroit.  

The goal and purpose of this book is to highlight and discuss the architectural details and ornamentation of Detroit’s historic structures.  

While doing research for several reference papers written when working on my BFA at the College for Creative Studies, I found myself reviewing these historical structures. Immediately, I reached for my well used, dog-eared copy of the AIA Guide to Detroit, but was not always lucky enough to have chosen buildings listed within the book for my various projects. I am hoping that this book will become a resource for buildings not necessarily located on the well beaten path. Additionally, I hope to highlight who were the artisans behind the scenes creating these beautiful buildings.


2 thoughts on “About the book”

  1. I just discovered your project and it’s a wonderful resource! I recently started my own exploration of Detroit’s architecture and design, just because. The idea is that I’ll get out and see and photograph these things for myself, but what a great starting point you’ve provided. Your photographs are beautiful. I hope you’ll continue such great work!

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