First of all let me apologize for not posting something yesterday – it was an exceptionally busy day! My evening was spent at the Mackenzie House with the Preservation Wayne Board of Directors finalizing our Membership Event that will be held next Thursday, February 9, 2012 from 6-9pm at the former SS Kresge Headquarters on Second Ave. All are welcome.


Glass tiles in the interior dome

Now onto the Aquarium!

Although we should be thankful to Albert Kahn for the design of the structure, we should be equally thankful for David Heineman for bringing the aquarium to Detroit. Heineman was a Michigan legislator who was so fascinated with an aquarium he saw while traveling in Italy he brought it home. Well kind of.


SHARK! She's a beauty, huh? She's a Bamboo Shark, and she'd love for you to stop by tomorrow from 10-3pm

The volunteers of Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium have been working diligently in getting the aquarium cleaned up and all spanking new just for you! Remember the aquarium is only open TOMORROW. *sniff* But my friends when you stop by tomorrow – which I know you will – drop whatever donation you can in their box. Show them some Shiver or aquarium or just plain Detroit love. Whatever you wanna call it. We NEED to help the Belle Isle Conservatory (the foundation, not the plant place) reopen the aquarium! Tell them you want it open all year. Tell them you want to be able to visit the aquarium with your children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Tell them you want to spend your first date there with your soul mate. Tell them.


Gramps the Gourami is back! First tank on the right. See him tomorrow. Give him a little $$ so he can stay in his tank. 🙂


Painting, polishing, perfecting. Just for you. Won't you help their efforts with a little $$ to keep the aquarium open? Maybe you'd like t-shirt to show your love all year 'round?


This turtle belongs to a boy in Pinckney and he has brought him to the aquarium to make some friends - both fish and human alike! Prior to this, he's never been in a tank so large!

Don’t forget to stop by the Casino at the Preservation Wayne table to say hello! Unless, of course, your conservation with the shark runs over. I’ll understand.

Photographs (c) 2012 Jennifer Baross