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Guardian Lobby - North view

The lobby is five stories, vaulted ceiling of polychrome tile in an interpreted notch arch design from the Rookwood Tile Company in Ohio. The notched arch appears in a myriad of sizes, materials, and textures as you can see in the black Belgian Veinless marble on the floor. Another fantastic marble used in the lobby and staircase to the banking room, is the Numidian marble. Because the color was non-existent at the time, Rowland traveled to Africa to open a mine which had been closed for decades.

The Monel Metal screen which divides the banking room (now the retail promenade) features a clock made of Favrile glass from the Tiffany Studios in New York. It’s stylized numbers are concurrent with the notched arch design.

Guardian Lobby - South view

Over 40,000 pounds of Monel Metal was used on the lift doors, the screen that separated the banking room (now retail promenade) to the main lobby, the teller windows, handrails, switch plates, waste bins, banking desks, mailboxes, directories, vault gates, lamp stands and inkwells  – only to name a few! A combination of nickel and copper, it’s properties did not allow for casting – it could only be rolled and cut.

The hallway to the lifts. Notice the notched arch design from above the lifts, the marble near the rug, and even the ceiling.

Lift doors of Monel metal

Favrile Glass detail

The lift doors were created by the Dalstrom Metallic Door Company. At the end of the hall, are colorful stained glass windows of rolled and painted glass made by George Green from Shields, Pennsylvania.

Stained glass window detail

Chandelier near lift doors

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Photos (c) 2005 – 2011 Jack P. Johnson and Jennifer Baross