January 1 is always a date for new things. It’s a new beginning. A fresh start. I’ve decided that 2012 will be the year I dedicate to blogging every day. Today I’ve decided to share some photos from our adventures today. Jack had several locations on our “shoot list” and we managed to check a few off the list.

The first, which was actually on my list, was the Arden Park brick fence, or more so entry to this historic Detroit neighborhood. I’ve passed this entry so many times, an noticed that probably about a year ago that the tile on the north side of the entry was missing its decorative tile marked AP. When we got up close, it is actually made up of mosaics instead of one large tile.


After going to Arden Park, we headed south on Woodward – the next building on the list was a party store decked in beautiful terra cotta… But now luck. There were cars in front, so off to the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Public Library. Although we’ve photographed both buildings many times, Jack wanted to get some shots without cars in the shot. Here are a few photos…






Here’s Jack’s awesome panoramic shot of the library.


Photographs (c) 2011 Jennifer Baross and Jack P. Johnson