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Geza Maroti was a Hungarian artist and sculptor who was exceptionally well known in Europe and based his art on the Magyar tradition in Hungary. As W. Hawkins Ferry tells us about Maroti, “using stylized patterns and brilliant colors, he made sculpture and painting the willing servants of architecture.” (Love it!)

Maroti came to Detroit around 1927 to work on the Cranbrook School on George Booth’s estate. Because of the mutual friendship of Booth, Maroti was introduced to Albert Kahn who at the time had on his drawing board a magnificent skyscraper tower that totaled 28 stories. This, of course, would be one of the greatest contributions to Detroit architecture: Kahn’s Fisher Building. The photo shown is the ceiling of the main arcade, and of Maroti’s design.

Maroti went onto design several other commissions for Kahn until he returned to home in 1930. More Fisher Building and Maroti to follow…

Photo courtesy of Jack P. Johnson, Copyright 2010.